Delivering Digital and Advisory Solutions for AML, Regulatory and Tax Compliance

Industry standard AML policy and best practices at your finger tips based on our work with 20+ leading financial institutions.

Cerebro transforms the way AML and other client lifecycle related regulations, policies and procedures are created, consumed and executed through our world-leading digital policy solution.

Cerebro for Large Financial Institutions

Cerebro for Crypto, FinTech, PayTech

Our experienced industry practitioners have had successful careers in AML and KYC functions at financial institutions and bring a deep understanding of what you need to transform and run your KYC, Reg, Tax and Compliance functions. 

We have worked with dozens of banks, investment firms, fund adminstrators, private equity, FinTech and vendor firms to support them in their transformation journeys.


The JJC Mission

To support our clients to achieve complex, strategic and transformational outcomes in their AML and broader regulatory onboarding businesses through our world-leading digital and advisory solutions

Our Experience

JJC is a unique firm who has combined years of industry experience in the KYC/AML, client onboarding and regulatory compliance space to form our suite of solutions, platforms and advisory services.


We bring perspectives from our work in different markets, jurisdictions and firms to provide a credible challenge to the status quo. 


We have worked at executive level to define group wide vision, strategy and plans for bank wide Client Lifecycle Management (CLM), Remediation, Refresh, Policy Harmonisation, Screening and Risk Management.

“As programme director of ‘One KYC Repository’, an internal KYC utility we are building for Corporate clients across BNPP, I have appreciated the contribution of JJC.”


“JJC has structured the programme, but more importantly have been instrumental to functionally design the solution together with KYC Ops and IT representatives from different Business Units and in close collaboration with Compliance.”


“This has resulted in clear requirements to detail the functional specifications and the technical design of the CLM package.”


”Their KYC experience and skills lead to high quality deliverables as well for interactive workshops as for effective decision taking in the Design Authority Board. Their involvement has allowed me to really accelerate the design and was highly appreciated by the Build team.”


Yves Cavents (One KYC Programme Director, BNPP)