Solutions & Platforms

Our solutions and platforms harness our industry expertise to provide digital accelerators to our clients to address their AML and KYC needs and get to target outcomes quicker, more efficiently, whilst optimising the customer and user experience in a digital way.


Digitise Regulations & Policy Into Code

  • The codification of policy into its Atomic Components
  • A new way to visualise & control standards in one centralised library
  • Standardised benchmarking to market practices
  • Analytics and insights into policy coverage and their constituent components

Harmonised & Streamlined Architecture

  • Industry best practice from 20 banks of what good looks like
  • Normalisation of standards across siloes (countries, BUs)
  • Lineage to source regulations and policies
  • Deliberate decision making on policy design with the appropriate sign-off

Policy Implementation & Execution

  • Inject configuration direct to existing CLM systems
  • Technical requirements and configuration of rules
  • Replaces manual documentation & basic tactical tools
  • Comprehensive training & reference tools for CDD analysts

Policy Management & Control

  • New regulations and policies updated in one place
  • Digital bridge from regulations & firm policies into workflow and rules systems
  • Impact assessment and control over new changes and downstream effects
  • Community based Managed Service to manage new standards, changes to policy and the regulatory roadmap


Bringing the real estate sector together to create an efficient, customer centric solution for complying with anti-money laundering regulations


  • Frictionless customer experience for buyers and sellers who are required to provide documentation multiple times to fulfil a real estate transaction – commercial and residential


  • Enhanced efficiency and reduced costs to meet AML obligations through digitisation and automation


  • Reduced time to market and rework through reuse of AML data and documents


  • Improved compliance with regulations through a common AML standard


  • A community approach that shares best practices and drives a common roadmap

Your Branded Digital Customer Experience

  • REACH's customisable and secure SaaS (Software as a Service) platform with open APIs (Application Programming Interface) provides simple access to our Policy and Data Platforms through our API gateway
  • Client facing and easily navigated by both agents and their customers, the platform can be white labelled to mimic firm branding and create the desired user experience 
  • Agents integrate their applications with our open APIs, or use native apps or our browser-based web UI (User Interface)
  • Your customers then sign up to the service online via the Agents’ own channels or through our UI and App where they can permission their personal data that they control

Secure & Permissionable Storage of Personal Data

  • Harnessing DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) the platform provides customers with access to a secure storage area where they can manage their data and documentation
  • Customers control the permissions to their personal vault of KYC Data so they stay in control of their information the entire time
  • The information is matched to our policy standard and a digital token issued to show that the information is coherent, complete and correct to our AML standard

Public Client Data Aggregation

  • The platform's data collection capabilities enable firms to automate time consuming manual due diligence processes
  • Public data collection reduces the number of inputs that agents have to request from their customers, reducing outreach and enhancing the customer experience
  • Reduced outreach means less outreach staff and a faster velocity of onboarding

Collection of External Risk Information

  • Connectivity with automated screening solutions enables another key aspect of the due diligence process to be automated and reduces firms overheads
  • Access to diverse and dynamic sanctions and negative media databases means screening data is constantly being updated, reducing the risk of false positives and misinformed AML decisions

Digital Policy Service

  • The platform contains best practice AML requirements from our experience with 20 of the world’s leading banks, harmonised into clauses, data requirements, rules and evidentiary standards
  • This means firms do not have to hire people or consultants to define their AML policy – you will have access to our world-class standard
  • The integrated AML requirements continually update to interpret any changes in regulatory standards, this centralises and therefore reduces the cost of interpreting these rules