Connectivity throughout the financial services ecosystem is essential when looking to fufill the full range of our client's requirements. We pride ourselves on our relationships and the value these bring to our engagements.

JJC’s approach to partnerships is to identify and partner with the best of bread providers across the broader Onboarding and Compliance Eco-system.  This allows JJC to offer our clients a range of solutions and services to compliment our offerings allowing us to deliver industry leading outcomes in a practical and proven manner.  Our approach to partnerships is both active and dynamic, ensuring that JJC maintains a constant lens on industry best practice and thought leadership.

Client Lifecycle Management

  • Regulatory obligations are increasingly adding to the collection effort required by financial instituions, placing upward pressure on onbaording times
  • As the requirement count rises storing and handling client data without a user friendly workflow effectivley becomes unmanageable 
  • Our Partnership with Fenergo and Refinitive gives us a deep understanding of how are solutions best compliemnt each other. This existing understanding compliments and accelerates joint client adoption of our services

Identification & Verification

  • Identification and verification technology has seen vast developments in recent years, and its applicability to compliance has been demonstrated by the space's success
  • On-site physical validation has become an unecessary burden for entities and individuals during onboarding and refresh periods, this means the integration of breakthrough ID&V technology is a must have for remaining competitive
  • IDPal's verification capibilities across an extensive list of globally accepted identification documents, their simple user experirence and our partnership means our clients can see substantial decreases in their customer onboarding times due to intelligent process automation 

Industry Advisors

  • Compliance pressures on the real estate sector create friction between real estate firms and their buyers. A deep understanding of these nuances is essential for delivering beneficial compliance solutions
  • Partnerships across all industries with financial compliance commitments provides us with the needed perspective to deliver valuable solutions
  • Lightstone's unique expertise and succesful past provides us with the insight we need to understand the frictions within the property space from an individual and firm perspective


  • Screening has become a key component of regulatory standards and implementing an up-to-date, accurate and simple solution can be a key differentiator when it comes to reducing the effort associated with maintaining efficient compliance programmes
  • For screening services to remain relevant their database of sanctions and watchlists, PEPs and Adverse Media must remain dynamic if manual effort is to be minimised and overheads reduced
  • Recent advances in screening services allow this to happen and firms onboarding velocity is benefitting
  • Our relationship with RDC and Comply Advantage enable us to provide a seemless user experience, with leading screening capabilities integrated for simple client use, bringing with it the reduction in effort and adherence to regulation

Distributed Ledger Technology

  • The use of a distributed ledger technology is quickly becoming the de facto choice for creating secure sharing mechanisms
  • Decentralised databases create a system of immutable records which private compliance data relies upon to protect against fraud and enable secure permissioning 
  • r3's enterprise blockchain technology allows the compliance data that passes through our services to be handled securely with a full audit trail of contents and path

Data Aggregation

  • Client data collection creates an unecessary burden for both client due diligence teams and financial instiutions' clients
  • Increased overheads are seen as result of manual data aggregation due to common human errors and increased collection times
  • Clients bare the weight of poor collection capabilities due to increased customer outreach and expected effort
  • Our Arachnys partnerships allows us to offer our clients a best of breed data aggregation capability, allowing institutions to remove the friction from the onbaording process, whilst digitising the entire client lifecycle through automation and intelligent data processing

Transaction Monitoring

  • Oversight of suspicious activity via transaction monitoring has become another key component to remaining compliant in the face of ongoing regulatory developments 
  • Intelligent systems providing real-time monitoring capabilities and customisable rules engines have allowed the necessary detection of suspicious activity and false positives to be achieved. These automated solutions cut manual tasks, reduce effort and improve compliance for a reduced cost
  • Our strategic partnership with Napier and Comply Advantage provides clients with the security that they are utilising a first-class detection mechanism for suspicious activity


  • JJC's consultancy parternships allows us to combine our deep compliance expertise with the scale and range of resources that large consultancies offer. 
  • The connectivity and diverse skillsets that consultancies provide enables large scale operations to be executed in a timley manner to enable impending regulatory deadlines to be met