Expand Your Future

JJCFinTech's team of aspiring young professionals 

We provide young, professional and talented undergraduates with the opportunity to work with JJCFinTech and our clients while studying at university

Grow Your Professional Skillset

As part of our LoFT team you will recieve direct training on a range of common industry software, and once trained be tasked to apply these skills to all aspects of your work and deliverables

Understand The Complexities of Financial Services

The complexities and sector specific terminology associated with financial services can at times be difficult to navigate. As a member of our LoFT team during university you will gain early exposure to these specifics and begin to gain an in-depth understanding of the space, which can be carried forward into your studies or future employment

Add Credible And Extractable Experience To Your CV

Get ahead of the curve and start adding valuable industry specfic experience to your CV while completing your degree. Add additional areas to your existing skill set and take the chance to increase your employability


Download our app now and join our team, share your interests and your course details.  We want to know your term-time schedules and availability to work with JJCFinTech.