We offer teams of experienced consultants who have been in your shoes and understand what you need to transform and run your KYC, Reg, Tax and Compliance functions whilst taking ownership of your business outcomes as if they were our own


Our advisory team has a proven track record of design, transformation and delivery of KYC uplift programmes, onboarding, KYC/AML and client data functions through MIFID I, the financial crisis and financial reform, FATCA, margin rules and Brexit.  We provide unparalleled expertise in the delivery of client lifecycle management solutions, client master, account set up, screening, documentation and workflow across processes, systems and controls in an efficient way for firms


JJC offers an insightful perspective of the industry; the relationships and connectivity between market participants on all sides of the equation – investors, managers, dealers and service providers.  Our clients leverage this unique position and our extensive network to provide their organisation with valuable market intelligence across their business units


We bring something different in our no-nonsense practical approach and have strategic partners, in-house solutions and accelerators to help clients achieve their business outcomes and their time to revenue in a much faster and effective way